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In 2014, Lavender Llama started with Brian Mitchell and Katarina Auer in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Being active in the community, including the arts district, downtown nightlife, and bicycle groups, created positive artistic outlets. 

The team then relocated to Lake Havasu City, Arizona, USA, one of Katarina's hometowns. From there, an artistic and hopeful journey began:

Leaving in August 2017, Katarina and Brian traveled by bicycle from Lake Havasu City to Atlanta, Georgia, from Atlanta to Detroit, Michigan, from Detroit to Ravenna, Nebraska, and from Ravenna to Vancouver, Washington. 

On this bike tour, COVID-19 stretched the globe, and Lavender Llama has decided to base in Ravenna, Nebraska until further notice.


Lavender Llama in Atlanta Georgia.jpg
Katarina Auer Brian Mitchell Bicycle Tou
Las Vegas Llama Lot Katarina Auer Brian
first friday standard 18b.jpg
Katarina Auer Brian Mitchel Lavender Lla

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Katarina Auer Brian Mitchell Bicycle Art

Photo by Brian Mitchell

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